Life Discipleship

& Leadership Program

A twelve-month training grounds for spiritual disciplines, leadership abilities,
and practical ministry skills.

Life Discipleship & Leadership Program

LDL Staff work alongside Full-Time Staff to create a team of driven and passionate people who positively impact the ministry by partaking in practices that encourage spiritual growth and by learning and carrying out hands-on tasks in the multiple departments that make up Camp Berea or Camp Monadnock.

LDLs take part in weekly community nights, regular group outings, and the daily operations that keep camp running, such as cleaning cabins, running games, doing dishes, and facilitating activities.

Why Work at Berea Ministries?

Berea Ministries is so much bigger than a network of camps or a calendar full of weekend retreats. Berea
Ministries exists to help each person take their Next Step with Jesus Christ.

It is our goal to create and continuously develop programs which appeal to children, teens, adults, and families such that they respond to the message of Jesus Christ and the life changing principles of God’s Word within the context of meaningful relationships and memorable experiences.

What Can You Expect?

At camp, you’ll work harder than ever before and see God work like never before. A role in ministry requires a heart for God, service, and teamwork. Life at camp changes with each week and season. It’s the perfect place for anyone who is flexible and seeking to grow.

Depending on your role, a typical day at Berea Ministries can look like feeding 400 people 3 meals a day, leading an epic game of dodgeball backed by a lightshow and booming sound system, cleaning cabins to create a welcoming space for incoming guests, discipling campers as they prepare to become disciplers back at home, or answering phones and filing paperwork to ensure all groups have a smooth retreat.