Our Mission:

Berea’s mission is to create and continuously develop programs which appeal to
children, teens, adults and families such that they respond to the message of Jesus Christ
within the context of meaningful relationships and memorable experiences.

Our Goal:

In short, our goal is to change lives for Jesus Christ.

Join Our Team
Nate Parks
President/CEO of Berea Ministries
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Advancement Team

Susie Batchelder Bosley
Advancement Officer
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Jenn Talamini
Advancement Officer
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Berea Ministries Team

Jonathan VanScoter
CFO of Berea Ministries
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Anna Kellner
Executive Administrative Assistant
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Dave DiPietro
Camp Berea Site Director
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Robbie Dakel
Program Director
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Arlene Patten
Office Manager
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Dave VanDuzer
Facilities Manager
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Jesse Horne
Facilities Manager
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Beth Houdyshel
HR Manager
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Alex Hill
Executive Chef at Camp Berea
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Rebekah Cunningham
Head Cook
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Kyndra Wooten
Program Coordinator
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Christian Celentano
Program Coordinator
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Matthew Bilotta
Program Resident
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Parker Colella
Camp Berea LDL
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Stephen Hard
Camp Berea LDL
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Ethan Lozier
Camp Berea LDL
E-mail Ethan
Makenzie MacDonald
Camp Berea LDL
E-mail Mackenzie
Mateo Peters
Camp Berea LDL
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Jason Headlee
Camp Monadnock Site Director
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Sterling McNeil
Program Manager
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Matt Snow
Executive Chef at Camp Monadnock
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Matt Murphy
Head Cook
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Peter Montgomery
Facilities Manager
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Brandon Lomasney
Facilities Coordinator
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Elaine Lauer
Office Coordinator +
Housekeeping Manager
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Seren Fryar
Office Coordinator
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Sarah McGonagle
Office Coordinator
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Jen Headlee
HR Coordinator
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Makaylee Cutts
Camp Monadnock LDL
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Sean Grimes
Camp Monadnock LDL
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Lauren Grant
Camp Monadnock LDL
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Wayne Littlefield
Camp Kerith Site Director
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Merle Kimball
Executive Chef at Camp Kerith
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Suzanne Bauer
Office Coordinator
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Sheldon Overlock
Guest Group Manager
E-mail Sheldon
Tabi Littlefield
HR Coordinator
E-mail Tabi
Dana Morgan
Operations Coordinator
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Dan Elliott
Greenhouse Events Manager
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